Monday, November 2, 2015

The Messina Interview Series: 
Because sometimes it takes a poet. 

Nicolas Carone, 2006 © Estate of Nicolas Carone

Nicolas Carone: Jazz, Poetry, and Jackson Pollock: In the last major interview in his life, the abstract expressionist master dissolves myths surrounding his best friend Jackson Pollock.

Chuck Close, Paul G. Oxborough, Broy Family Collection

Chuck Close: Frank Messina interviews the most famous artist in America. 

Robert Rauschenberg, © Al Seib

The Art of Sacrifice:  
Ron Bishop & The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

Denise Bankuti in her studio

Denise Bankuti: 9/11 Truth by Example. A discussion with an artist who has not forgotten.

Gordon Mumma, © Julien Jourdes for The New York Times
John Myatt
"The biggest art fraud of the 20th century," emerges as a respected working artist with a clear and direct message to the experts he fooled.


Gordon Mumma: Genius of Simplicity. A rare interview with longtime John Cage, Merce Cunningham collaborator. 

Martin J. Kemp: Leonardo and Baseball: The Mets Poet interviews the most sought-after art expert in the world.

Georges Mathieu: In the final interview in his life, the Lyrical Abstraction master shatters the art world with a surprise revelation. A Fine Art Investigations exclusive.